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improve your memory informationThe human brain is an amazing organ.  It takes different types of information and memories and places them in different locations within.  The brain must be able to access that stored information instantaneously.  One example is when you are answering a simple question such as “what is your birthday?”  Have you ever looked all over your kitchen for your car keys then found them in your pants pocket, right where you left them?  Perhaps you’ve experienced a more serious lapse of memory like forgetting to complete an important assignment at the office that may not be part of your normal work routine?  Fortunately you don’t have to continue living with a less than stellar memory, because I’m going to give you some great improve your memory information that you can use today to get started.  Whether you are a university student preparing for an exam, or a person that hopes to improve their ability to remember important things in their daily life, there are lots of things you can do to improve the performance of your mind.

My grandmother used to tell me about an old trick to help remind myself of something I had to remember.  It sounds kind of silly, but she said to put a piece of tape on the back of your hand, and use that as a reminder that you had to take care of something.  Because you normally don’t walk around with tape on your hand, it will be enough of an annoyance that you can’t help but to remember that task that you were worried about forgetting.  You could tie a string on your thumb, wear your watch upside down, or even set an alarm on your cell phone.  Any of these things would be abnormal enough in your environment to get your attention and remind you of something.

how 2 improve memoryAnother great technique to help improve your memory is to visualize.  The way this works is to create a picture in your mind to associate with words or things you want to remember.  This is a technique that I use quite often in learning new vocabulary words while studying foreign languages.  Here is an example of how I do it.  The German word for potato is kartoffel, which is pronounced “cart-awful.”  The English and German words aren’t even remotely similar, but here is how you will remember.  Imagine you and a friend are at the grocery store, and in the produce aisle you see a big cart full of potatoes that are starting to rot.  You then say to your friend, “Look at that cart of awful potatoes!”  Visualize this happening and say it aloud to yourself.  Imagine how bad that cart of awful potatoes looks and smells.  You won’t soon forget the German word!  The more wild and outrageous the image you create, the more likely you’ll remember the word!  Trust me, it works!  I’ve learned literally hundreds of foreign words in this exact way.  Get creative!  You can use visualization to remember far more things than German vocabulary!

I’ve just outlined only a few of the tricks you can use to improve memory.  These are things you can easily start doing right away and making them habitual.  Soon you’ll be using this improve your memory information without even realizing it, and remembering more and more without much effort at all!

The best part is that I’ve only begun to scratch the surface here on the techniques that I’ve learned and put into practice over the years to successfully teach others how to have an awesome memory. If you would like to learn about all of the secret techniques that I’ve uncovered, check out my book here.

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